Drag Punk Rock Trash
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Fresh looking Peacock. Who dis? Thanks to @coconutofdoom Design by @shadow.spawn Being hard never looked so pretty. Ogden Pride is Sat Aug 3. Mark those calendars bc we still have to play our Pride set. It can't rain all the time #utahpride #shecockband #therockprincess #slcmusicscene

Shecock hits Hard

Drag. Punk. Call it what you want, this power trio is relentless!

With their driving rhythms, groove-heavy bass and shrieking guitars under The Rock Princess’ deep raspy outspoken voice, Shecock continues to twist the lines of gender and genre.

The Rock Princess / Guitar / Vocal
Mat Benatar / Drums / Vocal
Low End Lucy / Bass Face 


Shecock Is Offensive

Freedom of expression is not for everyone. To the haters that are offended by the Shecock concept, you’re uncharitable attention only helps us grow. Progress where it needs to be. Cheers! ~SS


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The chord progressions don’t always go where your ear will think they’ll go, putting weight behind Shecock’s cheeky, in-your-face demeanor.
— Ali Shimkus ~ SLUG Magazine

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Pink Is Punk - Live at Metro Music Hall, 10/25/2017